Walk the talk with morning walk

Its a light post today.

Something so simple yet it keeps me grounded. Whenever I feel stuck or confused or stressed out like normal human being (right?), I move. Got into my sport shoes, drove to a park and walked. Preferably in the morning.

We know the science of exercising. When we move our body endurance and muscle strength increases. Our heart and lung improves by sending oxygen everywhere. There is even advertisement about it to exercise 3 time a week. Its wonderful.

But there is a great phylosophy of moving whenever you feel that you are in a negative teritory. Be it a bad day at work or kids driving you upside down that day. Pack them up and go to the park. When you continue to do it, its like a signal to your brain that NO you are not going to focus on this negative emotion, you choose to get a dose of endorphine and walk instead. Its great if you can hit the gym or do heavy cardio like cycling etc. But i find walking is a happy medium that I could do with the family. Even with the little one. Now its like a habit for me to unwind and kids are always looking forward to their time in the park.

So encourage my readers to opt movement whenever you feel the clouds over your head. Come on ladies we have that moment on schedule once a month. You know what I mean.

Thanks for reading. And if you are looking for great parks in KL to go to check out here.


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