Morning well spent with my mentor the ultimate ladyboss

Role-model. It’s one of those word that is often perceived or used as a noun or even an adjective. But the truth is that when used as a verb it has a monumental impact in yourself and others. Role-model are often synonym to being parents.

I somehow began this habit of allocating one morning a week to spend some time with people whom bring positive and inspiring vibes be it via online or one on one.

Last Sunday was an example of my definition of a morning well spent (I can hear the birds and choir). I had an hour walk and 2 hours breakfast session with my mom Eftah Moh the founder of Inspire Kids. She is one busy ladyboss and the fact that she fit me in her calendar is huge. We both woke up before the sunrise, drove to TTDI and soak in the greenery paired with intense talk about life from goal setting to future plans. One of the topic we covered although briefly was on parenting. But it inspired me so much to now write about it.

Parents are simply people who has children. While parenting is when those parents has to work on themselves to be the best role-model for their kids.

Among the many wise words from my mom is that you cannot do parenting by only advising (menasihat) but you need to lead by example. If you want your kids to be successful at school then its your duty to show them what being hardworking is, what rising from failure is and what being grateful is. Which has little to no impact if they were just in words. But it would provide lasting memories and powerful lesson once shown. And many times you would find yourself working on you to be the best for the kids.

An example that I learnt personally. One of the reason my sisters and I did very well at school and in higher education because whether we realize it or not, we had great example from our parents who they themselves were burning the midnight oil every day when we were growing up as they pursued their masters degree and doctorate. To a point my mom took her PhD in her 40s which showed us that pursuing your dream of higher education has nothing to do with age and my dad pulled all the courage he could find to complete his master’s degree after a tragic loss of my little sister. Those example directly and subconsciously influence how we view success in education is.

I am very grateful to have strong parents to set example for us. Never ever do I forget that. In fact I planned to document it, Insyaallah.

My mom also shared many times before on stories of herself growing up. Which highly interest me. It’s a picture that I could only imagine as it is not something I have experienced. How her mother, my grandmother, would keep my mom company with a kerosene light in her hand in the coldness of night on the gapped wooden floor to accompany her with her studying. There were weird birds making scary sound outside and it scared my mom so she appreciated the company. My grandmother believed in education as a way out of poverty. Even if she is not highly educated, she is willing to set example of continuous motivational act to encourage her children.

Lets upgrade ourselves to be the best role-model we can. Lets go!!!


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