Morning routine for working moms? For real?

Morning routine. Whats your take on that?

Its a highly discussed subject among people who are looking into personal growth or enterpreneurship be it on Youtube, social media platforms and blogs.

First of all, some said they are not a morning person and thrive better in later part of the day even after midnight. Personally I know hardworking and successful people on both end of the spectrum, the early riser and the night owls. Myself, I am an early riser. My day normally starts at 5:30AM and sometimes even earlier. I find the quiet part the morning before everyone else in the house wakes up to be a serious opportunity. I could get my priorities done before my time has to be shared with the office, the household, kids etc.

My take on the logic of waking up early are 1) After your body has had its rest for hopefully up to 7 hours, it is at an optimum condition to perform. Its calm as the thinking part of your brain decreases activity during sleep and your body had time to repair itself. Yeah you would feel grogy and that eyes felt like its on glue first few weeks (Yes weeks. Starting a new habit requires time. Only if you want to). You just need to give it a jolt and make it a habit. I usually splash cold water sometimes even a cold shower, go for prayers and make myself a cup of coffee.

2) As I said earlier, I find it to be a huge opportunity. Its like stealing time. Before you have to give your time to others you have it all to yourself. A bit of extra time for a working mom for herself is like a climax of a good movie. Without it its dull. You have to have a goal or an actvity that excites you and that you look forward to do. Since I am a market analyst sometimes i find it to be a good time to do my monthly analysis or general readings.

Bottomline your body is in a perfect condition and the timing could not be more right to go after that goal you always wanted. It’s your time before anyone else. Be it writing that book that you have been procastinating cos you kept saying you don’t have time, or that exercise routine you are trying to incorporate in your daily activity or simply pulling out your planner and planning your week. Get ahead with that YOU thing you want to do.

However, don’t kid yourself. I know if you see some of these guides online about having some sort of elaborated ritual in the morning with tea, mood music, beauty tutorials, exercise, journalling, reading etc. I mean, yes, to all that if you have 2 solid hours before you have to get to work or you may not have kids yet or you have kids and also have a full time help. Perhaps. For most of us, I know for myself especially. I am a working mom, with a side hustle, have young kids and no help (say ayy to us supermoms). So if the routine is too elaborated it can get overwhelming and I probably won’t do them. Trust me when I said I have tried them elaborated routine and many others for years. And failed successfully.

Now i keep it simple yet purposeful. Woke up and do my prayers and the coffee. After that I would spend 30 min to an hour completing one huge task. ONE. Be it finishing a book. Go through my planner. Writing. Yoga. Thats it. I chose one of either as long as it is a big ticket item on my list. Something that moves the needle of my long term goal. When thats done guys, for real, give yourself a pat on the back. Cos you start the day with you and you managed to cross something big off your list.

When that is done, moms, you know the drill. Everyone wakes up and chaos begin. Haha.

Weekend morning must-do is our morning walk

So if anyone of you especially working mothers who aspire to do something for themselves or start crossing those to-do list. I highly reccomend that extra moment of sleep to swap it for a light and meaningful morning routine instead.

Good luck!!


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