Weekend to-do in KL – Pasar Seni and Petaling Street

Pasar Seni + Petaling Street

This location is both old school and very touristy. Pasar seni itself or central market has been around from 1920s. It’s a great place to get local made souvenirs and lately its one of those place you called instagrammable. When pasar seni is local culture, Petaling Street is local street. You’d find vendors opening booth selling bags, apparels, watches etc but pretty much all fake. And you can haggle. I am not good at it.

Getting there:

Definitely take public transport here cos parking space are impossible to find. And skip the traffic by taking LRT and MRT please. My kids love love train rides.

Admission Fee:



Expect 2 hours


There are a lot of people both tourist and locals as these two places located in middle of the town surrounded by offices and malls. Please be careful with your belongings and watch out for pick pockets. Not to scare anyone, its generally safe.


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