Weekend to-do in KL – KL Car Free Morning

KL Car Free Morning

I have been meaning to KL car free morning for longest time but always missed it. Its on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month from 7am-9am. Its one of the best experience ever. Running around the usually busy streets of KL or taking the electric scooter and beaming across town was amazing. Would definitely repeat. You would be joined by serious group of active people with their gears and there are also group of laid back people like my family too. You would see the layout of KL like no other.


Getting there:

Drive or take any public transport to middle of KL. If you drive there are plenty of open parking spaces at Jalan Ampang. They would open one of the lane toward KLCC.

Admission Fee:

Just allocate breakfast money and parking fee and you are set.


1hr 30 min minus breakfast time


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