Weekend to-do in KL – Genting Highlands

An additional place or activity. Ok this may not be KL but it’s less than 45 min drives and we go here so often it feels like its in KL.


This is by far the most visited place since my husband and I were dating until we have kids. Its essentially on top of a hill. It’s a 45 minute drive to get to temperature in 20s of degrees. If it rains it can be lower. It is 1800 meters above and perch on top of the hill is the indoor and outdoor theme parks, shopping mall and resorts. They have a huge duty free mall at the bottom of the climb btw.


Getting there:

Drive or Grab (around RM70 – RM110)

Admission Fee:



Usually the entire trip took us 5 hours inclusive of 1 hour up and 1 hour down the hill.


Even if its impromptu. There is always H&M sale section at the mall on the hill to snatch sweaters and cardigans for the kids at RM20-30/each


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