Weekend to-do in KL – Zoo Negara

Zoo Negara

It’s a classic! The zoo. This is one of the most visited place by my family. We go here every couple of months. What we love about it is that its big and well maintained. Put your sport shoes on, sunscreen, white t-shirt (as its a big open space, it gets pretty warm), lots of water, portable fan for the baby, you are good to go.

Getting there:

Well the only convenient way to get here would be by car. Drive yourself, Grab or Taxis. Its by the MRR2 highway.

Admission Fee:

You can check their website for latest fee. We usually spend RM150/visit (2 adults, 2 kids) inclusive of tickets and snack purchase inside. More if the kids wanted souvenir of course


Expect to spend up to 3 hours!


No kidding on portable fan for babies or young kids. The place is huge and great for strollers but by noon its pretty hot.

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