‘Is this it?’

“Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but what makes a difference is what you choose to do with them.”

After having two kids (don’t get me wrong, I love them to death) my day to day becomes for lack of a better word madness. I have very little room to feel inspire, to write, to have my alone time of solitude to think, to travel, to learn let alone to exercise. I acknowledge the challenge and the struggle as I am constantly juggling between myself, full time job and family but I kept asking myself ‘is this it?’

I am very thankful with all the abundance of life that Allah provides but ‘is this it?’

Work our asses off and pay debts, saves up for retirement and children education but ‘is that it?’

I kept praying day in day out for some miracle to happen so that life becomes interesting and become extraordinary because mentally I just cannot accept the status-quo though I don’t understand what it was (cos the status-quo is alright). I am at a stage of life that I feel very blessed yet I want more out of me.

After months of asking and praying, I was fortunate enough to be invited to become the emcee for a corporate event of a big oil & gas company. Yes besides doing price and market analysis I do have a knack in public speaking (big shocker right, shutting me up is usually the problem). Anyway, the event was a launch of a mentoring program for women where they had those from higher management across their huge corporation volunteering to assist younger executives navigating their career life. So to prepare for the event, I started doing my research on successful women in their career who has mentors. You know that thing when you know the fact but it doesn’t resonate with you until you have to go through it yourself.  You see, I know most successful people have mentors and I have listened to hundreds of motivational speakers talks about it but I ONLY begin to truly appreciate it when I had to complete the task of researching on the topic myself for the event.

From religiously searching on so many inspiring leaders who has totally upgraded themselves against all odds like Indra Nooyi the former CEO of Pepsico and Oprah, it begins snowballing to other famous names internationally (Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Brandson, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet etc) and then those closer to home (with brands like Mindvalley, Catcha Group, Grab, NAZA siblings,  many more). The momentum drives me deeper into researching on successful mindset, habits, rituals, the human brain, the science of action and various leadership mentors who themselves has done the studies for many many years or they had gone through adversity and came out at the other end and became greater (Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins, Mel Robins, Dave Ramesey, Dan Lok etc). After quite some times ONLY then something in me click, I had my a-ha moment and I found my diagnosis.

I am trying to get out of the herd of being ordinary, being more of me but my action has no monumental effect. It’s the classic thinking but not doing. Here I am bobbing through life and ensuring I don’t drown and doing all these things in my life and at work that seems important – but little did I know I was only being busy but not as productive. And here is the thing, we all know about these information these facts but we still go through life on autopilot until we decided do something about it.

Why are most of us on autopilot? Best yet, is that most of us are on autopilot (myself included) but we don’t realize it. The reason being is that we are clouded with noises which includes floods of online information that makes us think that we know stuff, daily routines that makes us busy, daily activity like checking on social media every hour that feeds our addiction thinking that we are doing something, long commute to work that eats up our time and life noises in general controlling you and me and we react by responding.

You know how people have that great epic story where life may be unfortunate or they hit rock-bottom and then they rise and be the hero in the end. For example, being chased by debt collectors or losing their home and after that they had an a-ha moment and they began turning their finance life around. Well, most of us are not fortunate enough to have that experience, instead, majority of us we have the normal life with little to no discomfort that kept us from doing anything immensely larger than life.

Its alright if you don’t find it a problem. This is just a reading pleasure and just another fyi info or treat it like another noise in life. But to many others who wants that larger than life picture, this is for you. And I am excited to capture the details of the remarkable journey be it mine or others from being ordinary to being more than you can imagine.

‘Is this it?’ The answer is IT’S UP TO YOU TO CREATE IT.


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