I am back!!!

Hi guys, its been a while since I last wrote here. Almost 10 months ago since my last post! Gosh really that long?! So many things had happened. Anything that could be a use to my readers, I am happy to share. I even met a reader not too long ago. It was so surreal.

I had a beautiful cheeky baby boy 9 months ago (Alhamdulillah), renovated and moved in to the new house (yes the project I benchmarked upon finally completed!), adjusting myself to new work environment, getting comfortable being a messy mummy of two and getting back on track on some of the to-do-list. It can be rather overwhelming but in the end its worth it. I have so so many topics to share and will put them in writings soon. Promise to be more diligent this time with no excuses. On my way to work, I would passed by this mini coffee shop called Optimist Coffee that had a blackboard display (yes blackboard people, so retro!) with positive saying. Today it says “don’t be those who are busy when they were young and tired when they were old”. Pursuit of happiness, dream and success should not die. Got it!

For those who read my post I would like to offer my sincere thank you with a big fat hugs. You guys are awesome. And to my kids who may one day read them, I hope you guys learn something about this journey of ours.

WhatsApp Image 2018-08-22 at 22.42.25


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  1. Kripi says:

    Congratulations !


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