Being tourists in KL for the day

Its 9AM on a cool Sunday morning in KL about a week ago. The two of us laid in bed and wondering how best to spend the final day of the weekend before the blues of Monday took over. Our favorite parks? Nah, its too late as it will only get warmer and more humid in a couple of hours as noon approached. Shopping mall? Too mundane. Suddenly the brilliant thinking inside of me speaks out “Let’s be tourist for the day, you know visit places we normally won’t go cos we think only foreigners does such things”. Unanimous decision made and boy it was an excellent one.

After a typical mamak-styled breakfast, a plate of nasi kandar to be exact for the femish pregnant woman (like myself), it is only right to complete the tour using only public transport. I mean isn’t that what typical tourist would go for? We took Grabcar to the nearest LRT station and headed for 1) Central Market or Pasar Seni.

By then it was already around 10:30 AM at central market and the complex was warming up with visitors. Honestly it was probably my second time being there. We were greeted with colourful traditional tile flooring which sort of reminds me of baba & nyonya houses in Malacca. Traditional music playing in the air and the air-conditioning is working beautifully making it so comfortable walking around. We were in flip-flops, to complete the tourist like experience. We were at awed looking at the souvenirs on sale at the small shops and even tempted to buy. Batik merchandise, rattan bags & I love Malaysia t-shirts at RM10 each. Definitely a steal! We took our sweet time getting lost in the tiny alley in the building before heading out to Laluan Kasturi or Kasturi Lane beside the complex. It’s an alley filled with more stalls selling souvenirs and local foods.

We continued our journey by making our way to 2) Petaling Street, 10 minutes of walking distance to a place made famous by selling imitations of high end brands. Its interesting seeing the sales people trying to sell their products especially to foreigners. I was more interested looking at the surrounding and the architectures of that place. From the red lanterns hanging above to the skinny buildings guarding the sides. We arrived at the MRT station and my jakun-ness kicks in. Not to mention hubby was rather embarrassed looking at his wife so excited and shrieking over the newly built train system. The building was new and the aircondition was superb. Perfect to cool off after the long walks.


We decided to take the train and went for 3) Ikea at the Curve in Mutiara Damansara. It was surprisingly a short journey and a comfortable one. The train was wide and the seats were plenty. After lunch and our usual tour in Ikea fantasizing how we would decorate our new house next year, we went back to MRT and instead of home we went to check out 4) Bukit Bintang. There were like 8 exits at that station which reminds me of the trains in Seoul (how I missed that place). Walking down Bukit Bintang to 5) Pavillion and it was almost dark. Surprisingly my lil doll was so sweet and easy to deal with the entire time. Honestly, I was so tired by that time but hubby decided to get a grabcar to 6) KLCC and have dinner there. Finally after that we took the LRT home.


It was a great yet super tiring experience. In comparison, we skipped the weekend traffic traveling at any time we pleased via public transport and spent less than RM50 for transport alone (MRT, LRT and Grabcar) which if were to drive to all the destinations, gas and parking would cost us double.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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