Tiger-ness teaching at home, a strong core value

I was going through my Instagram when a video of Shakira the Latin singer came out. Its not one of her performance video but it was an interview of her life with Foundr. In that brief video she storied how once she came home at the age of 13 and found that all the furniture in the house were gone. Her parents has sold them off due to bad business. And at that tender age she felt angry and frustrated towards her parents. One day her parents took her to the park where they showed her abandoned children sniffing glue and how they did not have anyone to look after them. She vowed then to make sure that she would become successful one day.

Why that story matter? Because it is almost a similar to a story my mummy used to tell me when one of her sibling wanted to work in the factory and my grandma did not object. But my late grandfather took my grandma to observe the environment instead to analyze it. They found out that the environment was inappropriate and the way the workers were socializing back then were worrisome and that became evidence for decision making. They needed to evidence and basis to deny or accept the request. I always fancy that kind of strong attitude.

Coincidently it was the hype of Kardashian 10 years anniversary. I mean it may not be that of a big deal but you have to admit that family got guts and they are a money machine. They were holding several interviews in conjunction with the anniversary and some of the remarks caught my attention. An interviewer asked the family about how they were dealing with negative remarks and publicity. One of them answered that it used to matter but eventually they grew out of it and all that was made possible because they had strong cores taught from home. Some part of their family teaching has to be on point when their 19 years old daughter successfully built a cosmetic empire projected to worth a billion dollar.

Something like that hit close to home once again. That tiger-ness core of a person.


Some people when life gets hard or when they faced a problem, a bad remark or just some of life poor circumstances, they responded by becoming stronger and more determined. Sooner or later it would be impossible to break them. By having strong teaching and great role model as example from home such upbringing is made possible. I see that in my sisters which I am so fortunate, and of course a little bit in myself too (wink2). We tend to be quite feisty when life push us down. For sure we have some downward weak moments but eventually everyone sprung back up and positive energy will make its way back on our path. I pray everyone will continue to grow stronger.

But lately, I do witnessed something different. They are those when things get hard they filled themselves with self-pity, self-doubt, anger and frustration and continue to hide in the corner. It’s very toxic and damaging because you can attract the wrong kind of people around you. But sometimes the reaction was unavoidable either no proper guidance was given or they grew up in such environment that those responses were norm. Its something that makes me think. Makes me realize and appreciate the type of strong core value being taught at home that may influence a child. Please hold on and it will get better. And parents its okay to teach your girls some tiger-ness move okay. Make sure your everyday chants are encouraging words. If you keep saying you have no money or you are bad at something, they will become your daily chants and they will come true. Change them. Its not about the issue of being proud its about pride and strength to face future endeavor. Its something my late father or my Prof Abah always mentioned when we were younger, jati diri or identity. Which back then I had no idea what he meant. Let your strong core value be your identity, the rest are noises.. Much love!


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