Boy or Girl? Which do you prefer?

Its baby season!

Well at least for me. Recently my husband and I held a small get together with both sides of our family, in white picnic theme at one of our favorite park – Taman Tasik Perdana. The main agenda of the gathering was to reveal the gender of the baby. If you have been following my social media post you would know it’s a boy! We are honestly grateful and truly blessed. Alhamdulillah.


Our little doll will have a friend soon. Though she is still small she sort of knew about the coming of the baby. Every day she would walked up close to my tummy to kiss her little brother. The event went well albeit the humidity of Malaysia. Our family came in white and against the green of the park, the photos turn out amazing. We also made a little gimmick by popping a black balloon with a blue balloon hidden inside as a clue to the gender. I am all about making sweet memories guys. Its a great idea for a family fun.


Baby girl or boy, it doesn’t matter. In certain part of the community (in fact some part of the world still), they prefer the birth of a baby boy. I remembered when my mum had us girls, there were so many resistance. They were all like, you need a boy! Because the mentality is that the boy will grow up taking care of the parents. I am not denying that. If that truly happens please be oh so grateful. However, the world is different now and that is not always the case. Girls are growing up getting good education, going to school and college and are also in the workforce. In my experience, there are plenty of cases where parents end up with daughters taking care of them and not the sons. Be mindful, the daughters in these cases are working and made it work to take care of the elderly, so you can’t use the fact that they are homemaker and has the time.

At the end of the day, as parents, who will take care of you in the future is not in your hand it’s really rezeki. I remembered the way my mum put it, the reason why Allah extended the lives of old parents, usually because there are sons who are in need of their blessing. Therefore, bringing up a son is hard because the journey could haunt you back as parents if they don’t do their duty as a son.

What you can do best is plan for that downward cycle in life (where your energy and health has higher potential to decline, money coming out exceed money coming in) when you are much younger. Plan your retirement now when you have perhaps 30 years of healthy working life (Insyaallah) for that 30 years of life when you are no longer working. Look into passive income, savings, assets etc. The rest leave it to Him. Remember, your plan could never be flawless but not doing anything means you are planning for failure.

A personalized reminder from my lovely Aisya Rahman (unit trust consultant). In circle – 24 years of to do something to sustain the next 23 years after retirement. 


Boy or girl? Both will made us happy regardless.


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