Dating.Success: Azah & Fatin Aziz | Young Malaysian Entrepreneurs Making Their Marks in Children Fashion Industry

Whenever I write something for Dating.Success, i get giddy and excited, Because I lived for the thrill of being inspired and enjoy sharing success stories with readers. Its all about spreading love and beautiful energy to the world. It is an honor for me to cover a story about my sisters and their accomplishment… 


Being young does not stop these sister duo from thriving after their dreams. At the tender age of 22 & 18, what started up as just fun sketches and pretty materials blooms to be a children clothing brand of Bug & Candy. Their success was also supported and guided by their advisor and mother Dr Eftah Moh who also had an impressive records in book writing, children education and tertiary education.

Bug & Candy was born when they were looking for gift for their niece and could not find that special clothing brand that combines high quality material at the right price and at the same time specially packaged. Their findings grew into interest and research and led to the discovery of their brand. Their clothes are fresh yet with a tad of old-school feel.

Being in the business although not as long as many other designers out there be it for children or adult clothing line, they were quick to learn that there is no such thing as short cut in building a brand. They admit there are still a lot to learn and they are not shy to admit mistakes and learned from them. From using the wrong material to finding their identity, it was all part of the journey and had to go through it with a pinch of salt. Like many others, from online presence to exhibitions, they juggled their duties as business owners as well as being college students.

Azah who is a final year finance student at Multimedia University Cyberjaya and Fatin pre-business student at the same university, admit that focusing on their studies while trying to push their brand to the next level is challenging but not at all impossible. They still have a long way to go to achieve the vision that they have for the brand which is to be the main choice for children clothing. They want parents or customers who bought from Bug & Candy while holding the pink pastel box feels that it’s a special and memorable purchase for the child and for them. Sky is the limits for these two and they would conquer it one stylish child at a time.


Seeing them in their zone, discussing theme to fabric to strategy made me filled with pride for growing local talent. Of course, being an inspiration to millennial out there and many others who are making it in the tough business world. All the best ladies.

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