Dating.Success: Aging with passion

Is it me or a great conversation can do wonder to your mind, body and soul?

I had interesting conversation with a colleague earlier today. Amazed me enough to write just a little bit for ILT Dating.Success story. He is almost in his 60s, yes doubled my age, but he is extremely looking forward to his bicycle race this coming weekend at Cape Town Cycle Tour. Kilometers of cycling and plus at that age, how can one not be amazed. His valuable advice charting this challenging course was to go at it at your own pace because it’s the healthy lifestyle that is important.

Enjoying weekend walk in the park with the kids

He also mentioned how beautiful Cape Town is and it’s a highly recommended place to visit. He added that it was also one of those very much sought after retirement spot for expats. The picture perfectly sculptured scenery, laid back lifestyle, vineyards and in depth history. Sounds owh so ME!

In my bucket list perhaps?

On that note, I am all in for a healthier lifestyle. The want will need to be managed by the discipline. To be at that age healthy or to reach any goals of your dream, requires passion and discipline.

Much Love!


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