Start 2017 by removing toxic!

When the air is filled with enthusiasm and hope, you know it’s the start of a new year. Feed on that!

I am always and I say this often, am amazed with people. How their stories, journey, failure and success can take you to a whole new dimension. If you really study these people be it those in your life and others from afar, the one thing they are really good at was keeping toxic away from their lives. It could be from toxic relationship, mindset, behavior or action (trust me, 90% of a person’s toxin is relationship).

1) Relationship is tricky but if you study successful people, they would definitely have a team that support their growth and not the one that jeopardize or compromise it. When you cannot get away from it, let say the source is a close person/a family member, it’s good to keep a good amount of distance. When there is distance you can rest assure you could appreciate their beauty. Distance and barriers and 2 different things. Barriers you would tend to shut your view on something completely, distance is a good amount of space and detachment so you can be objective toward something and remain respectful. My favorite story is from Barbara Corcoran the first woman of property mogul in NY, although she didn’t realize it at first. But being rejected by her ex-husband who was also her business partner at that time for her secretary (man, that’s tough!), brought her to rise higher and become the success that she is today.

A walk to remember. Celebrating our new year with a walk in KL Birdpark (largest in SEA)

2) Mindset comes from the heart, if you train your mind to be kind to yourself (first) and others. My beautiful mother always stresses on this. Regardless of how people or the world treat you, protect your heart. Toxin will eventually leave as they are allergic to the superior power of good. Measuring stick to know if you have that great mindset would be, when you yourself can see the bright side of every downturn. There are many talks regarding this subject available everywhere. However, I like the concept mentioned by Glennon Melton (an author) in her interview with Online Oprah Network, how downturn in your life work as a sifter. It sift away the sand that act as a huge portion of the unnecessary and what remains are the important stuff.


3) Action is a little easier to do. Some may not agree. But put it this way, you gotta be able to stand if you want to run. So that baby steps of changing certain action, routine or behavior would eventually sprint you to your goal. It could be as small as waking up early so you can do some light exercise or reading. My favourite thing to do when I feel down or things not going so well (like a bad day at work) – I get dolled up. Put fresh make-up on and wear that new outfit reserved for my rainy days, it does wonder to my spirit and just be unstuck. Better yet, celebrate the just because. Do you really need a reason to feel good?


Have a great start of a new year!

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