Make life matter by celebrating the just because

Growing up I have always been a bubbly one. I have so many ups in life and similarly also went through many downs from experiencing feeling helpless, isolated, being rejected, waves of feeling LOST and miserable and painfully grieving deaths. I know, its rather vague but those feelings were real nevertheless. I have always been an extrovert so no matter what I was going through I would always seemed bubbly.

A meaningful lesson I learnt in life is that, my existence is a big deal to me no matter what others might think and He is always there regardless.

With the internet and everyone displaying their lives on social media, life can get complicated. Imagine saying your honest thought online and a person got hurt and you end up not dealing with that one person but his or her followers. Living in this era, I’m sure many has gone through it. If you want to be seen as happy or even attractive? You simply have to keep posting updates and pictures instead of organically talk to people. How did we let things get this far? Social media management is a must knowledge at a very young age.

My point is that, all sort of negative vibe I had before and might have in the future can be shed off by re-directing my energy to something more positive. Repetitively, you would find the sun shining within. Corny right? But I said to a friend before, if you are trying to get over a break-up you have to refrain yourself from listening to sad love song. Listen to some mood lifter tune and go out in the sun. Even if you don’t feel like it but in repeat it can do magic.

To share a story, my friend and I decided to celebrate the end of each year with a get together themed dinner. Even with just a few people, we made into a big deal. Especially when this year has been very challenging with the bad economy, depressing crude oil price, on-going adaptability issue with management and the list went on. We chose to celebrate still. So this year its Red Kiss 2016 and the year before was Bedazzled 2015. It matter to us and its fun so it’s enough.

Dinner & Games afterward

When we were younger I remembered my mom bought us present everytime its year end, just because. That’s when I got my collection of Linkin’ Park cassettes (yes kids, we aint got no mp3 back then). Like most parents, they too have their own way raising their 4 girls…


My husband and I filled a plastic bottle with creative free activities to spend more time together with our hectic life.

Have some just because moment without hefty reasoning. Its fun and positive that’s all you need.

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