7 advises to younger self

You know time flies right? Like really fast. The next thing you realize a decade passed by and you begin to wonder what have you accomplished all these while. At a certain age, there are a few things many advised that they wished they did when they were much younger. I find reading and talking to people about this as truly inspiring.

Among the many wishes, top 5 things advised to younger self are

  • To not work so hard and enjoy life more


I learnt this the hard way but it was a lesson crucially needed. Many had their lesson much later in life. I was fresh out of college, I placed my energy whole heartedly at my job. I learnt a lot and felt fulfilled career wise but I lost friends and felt disconnected from my family. It took some time for me gain a realistic outlook. But I kept the hardworking portion and relax the expectation portion a little. Its not all bad tho.

  • Not to spend money on things and travel instead


Speaks for itself. Its about making memory as it last longer than another pair of shoes. During bad economy like right now when Malaysian Ringgit is at 4.5 against USD (OMG). Forget about oversea trips and think local. Langkawi, Malacca and Tioman anyone?

  • To worry less, accept and move on


This is hard to break but many advised it’s an important move especially to avoid the haunting diseases related like high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems. The key is not to overthink. Most things are out of our control and leave it to God and the universe to take care of it. A lot of things that we worry about actually won’t actually matter in the next 10 years and some in 24 hours. That guy cut you off in line and you grudge for hours? It actually don’t matter the minute its over.

  • Saves money & own assets not liabilities


Some said you are supposed to be broke in your 20’s. Its true to a certain extend. Fresh out of college, pay is usually terrible and you have dues to pay starting from student loan, car loan, room rent and we haven’t got into the outings and mini breaks and shoes and bags and parties. But nevertheless, it could always have been better, even for myself. I was lucky to have wonderful parents who encouraged me to invest in properties and savings. It teaches you to be mindful. Compounding is a great thing, so find ways to start saving even a little bit. You may not have the amount but with compounding you have the time.

Please be mindful, car is a liability and to certain extend properties too unless you get some return from your investment. Yes, I do read Robert Kiyosaki book. It’s a great read minus all the issues we hear about the writer, he does give great tips. Incase you are looking at some home buying tips – read my previous Buying your first house? I see many youngsters often changes cars, in Malaysia car loans are easier to obtain, instead of some saving plan let alone property. Don’t be that person in the future wishing for a home. Its not too late, stop and plan now.

  • Healthier lifestyle (from putting on sunscreen, exercising, less sugar intake, quit smoking etc)


Self explanatory right? You are what you eat, its more like you are how you live.

  • Pursue that life goal & dream


Many would agree on this point. You want to own a café, write a book, be a speaker, coffee with your inspirational leader. Do it now. Plan how you could achieve that goal and to make it legit and impactful by always always have a timeline so you do not get into this open with ending situation. If you focus and list down 20 things you could do to reach your goal and act on it, you already have a chance in obtaining that dream.

  • To pick up another language


This is so true and I am picking back up my effort to learn Hangul or Korean language. What is your interest? Try Chris Lonsdale method who also spoke at a TEDx event on speeding up learning a new language.

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