5 morning routine of successful people

If you go online and watch Youtube or read on inspiring people, you would definitely come across morning routine of successful people. They could be someone who has billionaire’s status or someone who is just undeniably good at their field. You would realize, many do not jump straight into Facebook, Instagram, email, shower then work. They would normally spare a good amount of salient time to reboot and reorganize the mind and spirit. It’s not rocket science, but a helpful option among the hectic chaos of life.

Here is a guide on top 5 morning must-do as a routine based on various references and my own personal experience for a great and productive start!

No 1: Starting it real early – No Social Media


This may not be an activity (sounds more like a warning) but it’s an essential must-do which will benefit whatever you plan to do later. If your norm is getting up by 7AM and at the office by 8. Perhaps you can consider another approach because most successful people would start their day at least 2 hours earlier. Something that I am still trying to strive for consistency. Yes, some people would dive straight into social media and work email, which I once did myself. But I realized that it disrupt my morning energy. Instead of starting out fresh and focus, your mind would be distracted by the ongoing updates and issues of the day which will later frame your mind and target. Social media as we know it is addictive. Once you start scrolling, you would spend time scrolling some more. Avoid the morning drama and you owe that start for yourself.


No 2: Prayer / Meditation

Actually if you have a belief, you owe the start of your day to your Maker. Blessed to be alive another day. There is no better way of starting the day with Fajr prayer for Muslim. Even the Dalai Lama starts his day at 330 for spiritual ritual. Oprah has a room dedicated for meditation where she take her time to focus on herself and others. A wonderful time to just be thankful and say it in your prayers.

No 3: Exercise

I don’t usually do this in the morning. Usually weekend walk and jog is my thing. You see, running a morning show helping the family get ready is a marathon (not an excuse, I promise). But many would say getting that heart pumping prepares your body and mind better. One of my favorite beauty Vlogger and successful cosmetic entrepreneur, Michelle Phan on Today’s show mentioned she maximizes her time squatting while brushing teeth and checking emails in her shower. Now that is dedication!

No 4: Planning ahead / Review the list

This step can come early in the morning, the night before or much earlier of the week. But planning ahead is critical so you do not be bogged down with ad-hoc decision that steal your attention away from your actual goal. As simple as, have an outfit to wear planned the night before so you don’t spend an hour trying assembling your look (do not deny it, most girls does this). If you read her blog, Kate Waterhouse a beauty blogger from Australia & a mum too, she planned her outfit a week earlier by looking at her schedule together with back-ups/a go to outfit if your plan don’t work.

I would have a list ready be it mentally or written down (mostly written down) of thing needs to be accomplished for the day or the week. Review your short term and long term goals too be it while having breakfast or the first thing you do in the office. You owe it to yourself.

No 5: Reading

If you are not a fan of reading. You gotta try it. I am not talking about reading comments on social media or the latest gossip. Those can wait later, much, much later in the day. It should not be your morning priority. Learn a new input every morning before you get caught up in your day and everyone else’s stories.

Reading material should range from, success stories, world news & events, technology updates, interest & hobbies, information on your traveling spot, your favorite bloggers etc. I read with headphone blasting – my current favorite tune is 24K Magic by Bruno Mars. Its such a mood lifter!

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