Journey starts at the very beginning, assessment in education…

Having an analyst and research background, I tend to overthink (it’s a curse and a blessing at the same time). But there are selected subjects out there I may have interest in.

Going into personal preference, a couple of the topics close to my heart are personal development and education. On personal development, I am constantly amazed by the human mind capability especially in nurturing success and positivity (vice versa). A huge portion of how one becomes a person or how the personality formed, highly correlates with their upbringing and environment. If you often hear success stories of people, you would notice that one of the many advice is to cut or limit negative influence or surrounding to ensure your focus to grow. Be it personally, professionally or businesswise. Your surrounding will influence your mind and behavior which are the landscape of your achievement. There are many success stories that I totally adore, be it from Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates to our local Vivy Yusof, Dato’ Vida & Dato’ Allif.

Education on the other hand, be it formally or informally is basically intriguing as it has the ability to set foundation of knowledge for one’s future. How you decide on that foundation would determine your future.

With the right attitude and the right foundation, anyone can reach their dream.

These are among the many reason why I decided to join the Leras Creative Concept team. Sharing the experience – keeping myself occupied on productive and practical matter is therapy (no judging, alright. everyone has their kryptonite no matter how big or small) The progressive effort in establishing a better foundation for teachers/educators and education institution to better equip themselves with formative assessment knowledge directly contribute to the future of the young generation. The journey not only feed my passion but it is also for a good course. The writer is Dr Eftah Moh whom I have known dearly and her never ending love pursuit on education with over 30 years of experience in Malaysia and abroad.

We have to know that learning don’t stop, it’s a life long journey.


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