Top 7 recommended romantic date spots in Seoul

Have you been to Seoul? I have been there a few times and love it. Wish I could go there now, if only the economy ain’t so bad. Sigh! All the 4 seasons and the sightseeing, would totally be amazing. In my bucket list, one of it was to travel there with my girlfriends and we did it like twice in spring and autumn. I had winter here with my mum and sisters and last year it was a summer vacation with my husband and baby. I find the city so romantic and I do listen to a few artist from K-Pop and they have very catchy tunes. There are so many to-do list out there, well, here is ours. Top 7 romantic dating spots in Seoul for hubby and me:

1) Picnic by Han River and River Cruise by Dusk. (Don’t forget to bring your picnic mat)


2) Romantic waffle date at a Café by Chonggyecheon Stream and Night Stroll


3) Lock your love at Namsan Tower (It’s a classic move!)


4) Shop for couple item (so Korean!) at Dongdaemun Night Shopping Complexes where shops opens at 10PM till dawn!

5) Street Food and shopping at Myeongdong

6) Romantic picture taking with Namiseom as your background

7) Coffee in hand and just walk discovering the streets of Seoul with no map and be lost in the journey



Yes we were on a budget as well for this trip. For 7 days and 6 nights, we spent in total RM 2,600 per pax for return flights, accommodation, food and other traveling expenses (which is around USD 650 ish per pax not including shopping money tho).

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