Bali on a Budget

Wedding can be expensive and super stressful. Even for a type ‘A’ planner like myself, it still can be a big deal. The amount of pressure one put on themselves on minute details from the venue theme and déco to the littlest shade of white of the wedding dress. And many decided to ditch the idea of a honeymoon due to budget constraint and probably anxiety level issue as many would just want to take a break after those hectic weeks. I get it. But I made a big deal out of it and started saving much earlier for that one time after my wedding vacation experience and even if it was a local trip within the country I would be eternally grateful. We were lucky with my big planning skill (spreadsheet after spreadsheet) it can compensate to the small budget we had back then. Anyhow, its still nice to share.

So we had a 3D 2N in Paradise – Bali.

Amazing beach front view!

Bali is no stranger to most travelers. It is a highly chosen destination for honeymooners at any budget range, from high ends to affordable. It has a good mix of interesting culture, captivating nature, endless activities and nightlife. All at a bargain (especially for newlyweds).

Where you stay in Bali has a theatrical theme. If you choose to stay in Nusa Dua (southern Bali) you would be away from the city noises and closer to white sandy beaches and quiet greens. Ubud is at the centre of Bali where you would be surrounded by luscious paddy fields. Further north and east of Bali you would have be accompanied by coastal villages and active volcano where you would also have black sand beaches. Western of Bali has deep forest as a background. We chose however, to stay at the city centre, Kuta. Kuta and Legian are bustling areas with much to wander around. Seminyak is close and slightly more laidback and more upscale. Going around the island has never been more convenient on a scooter. Very local!

Tanaya Bed & Breakfast

Plethora of activities to choose from nevertheless. Surfing at Kuta Beach * Exploring streets of Legian, Kuta & Seminyak * Numerous beaches * Lepak spots * Cultural shows like the famous kecak dance (dancers use sounds from their mouth as background music while telling a tale aka cultural version of pitch perfect) * sports activities if you are into that * arts and paintings at Ubud * volcano visit * beach-style living experience * street boutique shoppings * seafood* etc. Generally, Bali is a safe place and I find the people of Bali to be very polite and harmoniously religious. The every morning scene you would see in Bali are people praying with a leaf boat of sort and flowers to bless their morning and sweeping. Yup sweeping. People in Bali has a knack in sweeping.

When you on a budget and has the intention to relax and enjoy. 1) Do not cram your schedule. One activity in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night is enough. 2) Do not be busy going shopping at first. Vacation on a budget, shopping is a luxury. Enough that you have some souvenirs for yourself and a few close people. 3) Always bring an external drive to transfer all your pictures and videos. Most hotels and even B&B has a common computer. Only the downside are viruses therefore scan before usage.

In the end we spent around RM 1,800 in total (that is less than USD 500). But the experience as a whole, money can’t buy. For those who would appreciate the details, here are the breakdown (depending on exchange rate of course):

Logistics & Accomodation for 2 pax

Bus to LCCT (return) : RM 64

Flight : RM 689

Bali airport transfers : 100,000 rupiah (RM27)

Bed & Breakfast Hotel (Tanaya Bed & Breakfast in the heart of Kuta) : RM 250

Scooter rentals : 100,000 rupiah (RM27)

Total = RM 1,057


Day 1 – Pick a beach, ours was Geger beach (free)

– Uluwatu Surf Beach (free)

– Uluwatu Kecak Dance (200,000 rupiah/RM54)

– Djimbaran Dinner by the beach (800,000 rupiah/RM257)

Day 2 – Morning walk at Kuta Beach (free)

– Tanah Lot Floating temple (36,000 rupiah/RM10)

– Shopping at Tanah Lot Flea Market

– Explore streets of Kuta & Legian

Day 3 – Spa day for 2 (150,000 rupiah/RM46)

– Back to KL

Total = RM367 (minus shopping)

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