Do you know how hard it is to focus when you are an idealist??? It’s close to impossible. When you have so many ideas running in your head, or so many things you want to do and so many goals you want to achieve. The energy can drown you sometimes. On a lighter note, there are others who has a hard time to focus due to the opposite. For instance, lack of motivation, lack of foundation, feeling lost and deteriorating confidence. It’s not totally a big issue until you realise you are against time.

First thing first, I would take a breather or simply pause to silent incoming thought or outgoing action. Have you ever tried the work and break ratio. Depend on individual, mine would be 30 minutes of work push and 10 minutes of break diverting my attention elsewhere. As a start. It create a cycle of focus moment and your brain would thank you for it. My break would be something totally disconnected from task in hand. As my focus grew stronger, I can lengthen the time and shorten the breaks. Whatever suit. I personally do not believe long work hours produce results. Therefore, I don’t buy staying in the office till late as a measure of productivity. Especially if you are a trained analyst, you need ample of room to be knowledgeable and analytics. Something many parties should dwell into even those who like to abuse the idea as well.

Secondly, by all mean avoid multi-tasking. I learnt the hard way that my multi-tasking so called skill only foster mediocrity capabilities and intensified my stress level. As a mother, many times you can’t avoid such genre. For example, breastfeeding+eating+answering phone at the same time. But where possible, do avoid. Especially those who feel the urge of climbing that career ladder, take your time and understand the business and dive in the knowledge before going out and meeting people. That was what went wrong earlier in my career and the environment does not help too. I was eager to do sales when I was not equipped with the necessary sale skills and my understanding of the business was at its minimum but there I was calling a million and one people.

Thirdly, healthier lifestyle. In my mind would be 1) Consistent sleep hours, 2) Exercise routine of at least 3x a week – zhumba, yoga and weekend run 3) Eat healthier – make food, eat out less and 4) Take things light and easy. My continuous battle of finding that balance rhythm, but I must say I am much better at it compared to my younger days.

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