Getting ‘Unstuck’

Have these words stuck or stagnant or complaisant or plateau or not-moving or going-down or broken or failing or failed cross your path? Let me tell you something, you are NOT exclusive, meaning you are the rule, meaning you are not the only one who faced these. I agree, the degree or quantum of impact may varies but everyone goes through such time. The most important thing is to get out of it or to get ‘unstuck’, the sooner the better because like Kimora said, time waits for no men or women.

To be fair, I have experienced many unforgettable stuck moments from continuously failing add-maths in no matter how hard I tried back in school, being in the emotional up and down cycle of many relationships (mainly because we were so young, though it is really funny to think about it now), being jobless and at the same time still trying to find yourself, from a point of enjoying your job to painfully wanting to get out of it, doubting your capability, comparing yourself with others (don’t lie people, we do it sometimes), losing someone from a family member to a friend, starting a new job and finding yourself really lagging, sensing people talking behind your back but do not have the courage to face them or feeling lost in general. Sometimes being stuck is not about spiraling downward but the point of not going anywhere without your heart consent or you are not doing badly but you are not doing better either. The list and examples can go on and on. But my point is, everyone go through these time. But like the market, it will pick up again and the only question tormenting investors and market players is when? And that, is up to you to determine. You can’t feel better after a heartbreak if you keep listening to sad love songs or keep reading and posting feeling-sorry-for-yourself posts, you know what I’m saying. Self-pity can be addictive and highly regrettable so at all means, do avoid. Instead, focus your energy to a brighter outlook. Prayers, reading Quran (whatever your belief might be), talking to your friends or mum should be on top of your list. It’s ideal to feed your soul but it should not be a seasonal thing. It should be a continuous efforts.

Nevertheless, after a while, I tend to develop an ‘unstuck’ routine. 1) Grab a coffee (its not cliché when it works), and start listing your feelings, your dream and strengths. It’s time to cut the negative attention on yourself and replace it with something more productive. Its also a healing process to acknowledge how you feel and where you should invest your energy in. 2) Take a break from status-quo. Go for a holiday or a road-trip or a weekend getaway or if you are into list making like myself, find a new café for you to be productive. Same old, same old will not help at this point. You need something new and foreign to shake you out of your stuck-coma. 3) Upgrade yourself. It’s a mantra that should run through your blood. Be it skill or new knowledge, new language, your appearance (I am talking about being healthier, exercise, new hairstyle, new personal style kind of thing and not going under the knife of sort). You would feel much better when you become a better you. At the end of the day, that is the goal. A rough patch in your life should be a reminder pit-stop where you should learn and be better. I recommend doing these 3 things repetitively and you would see the sky brighter and your heart lighter. After that you can make decision like a champion.


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