To do list Before 30

It has been a long dream of mine to own a blog. Here I am with one! (I don’t know why I made such a big deal out of it). Maybe it all started with turning the sacred-big-three-oh. You know when you were in your twenties, turning 30 becomes a thing as you pictured your struggling and enthusiastic 20s transitioned into someone who has made it in their 30s. Hence I made my things to do or to achieve list before turning 30 when I graduated.

I can safely say at 30, 80% achieved. However, I do believe in the 80/20 rule. Have you guys heard of it? Its basically 80% of your result come from 20% of the effort. I may have completed the 80% portion of the effort, its the other 20% (the tough ones) that will gives me the 80% result I wanted. Life is a work in progress, keep hustling. One of that to do list before 30 of mine, is to actually invest in writing. Blogging is a start!

Why it took me forever to have one of my own blog? Because I know myself-oh-too-well. To come to a point where I find myself mature enough to share my thought without being wrongly driven, takes a certain maturity of age. In essence I was all over the place in my 20s, and became more collected later on in life. This blog is an avenue for me to share some personal experiences as a daughter, a big sister, a young mother, a wife, an executive, an entrepreneur and an enthusiast of lifelong learning.

If you have a certain idea of how you want your life to be one day, I recommend writing it down. Its not real until its written clearly, in details and made into actionable to do list, or active list.

Here are some on my to do list before 30:

  1. To own my first house
  2. To start a family
  3. To travel with my girlfriends (It was Seoul-tastic!)
  4. To have that dream honeymoon (Can you say Bali?)
  5. To start writing a book, a memoir, a blog or articles
  6. To venture into building my own empire
  7. Be an expert in my niche skill
  8. Hit a certain number in my savings
  9. Quit the job that I hate (in the journey to find out my dream career)
  10. Learn more on your investment opportunities
  11. Start a blog, a youtube channel etc

Here are some related write-ups that I love till today, from (30 Things You Should Accomplish Before Your 30s by John Rampton), something a little different perhaps in Bucket List:30 Things to Do Before 30 and it could also be in something you wish to quit doing like the one published on Business Insider.

Now at 30, I can safely say these things ‘whatever you don’t get at the moment is because it’s not the time yet and you are being prepared for something better’, ‘it is alright to dream really big and I mean huge, but it is advisable to be knowledgeable at every step and it’s important to understand that you are the rule not an exception’, ‘how friendship operate now, has a time-frame, and you will enter a zone where only a few will follow up with you outside of social media and stay’, ‘relationship and sacrifices are a package’, ‘you will come to a point that you would distance yourself from family members to find yourself closer later’, ‘many things that worries you really do not matter after that so, worry less’, ‘time do heals everything’, ‘it takes a longer time believing in your strengths than knowing what your strengths are’ and ‘it’s perfectly alright to be nice and yes sometimes get yourself hurt a little than being horrid and liked’.

I guess that marks my blogging journey and I am for sure to make it worth-while. Next update is on getting ‘unstuck’…. (and yes that was my birthday cake thanks to my beautiful friends who made the night so special)

Now I am on my to do list before 35! (pretty scared and excited at the same time!)

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